The 27th Annual Conference of International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL-27)

May 10, 2019 – May 12, 2019
2019年5月10日 – 12日

Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, JAPAN
日本 神户市外国语大学


  • Phylogeny, Dispersion, and Contact of East and Southeast Asian Languages and Human Groups (May 9th, Open to the Public)
    Linguists, geneticists, and an archaeologist will give presentations on the interrelationships among languages and human groups in Eastern Eurasia including Han Chinese, and others.
  • Chinese Morphology (May 12th)
    The workshop discusses issues related to morpho-syntactic features of Chinese, notably the interface and interaction between syntax and morphology and their manifestations in Chinese.
  • Sign Linguistics Research in the Chinese Context (May 12th)
  • The Third International Symposium on Sino-Korean Linguistics (ISSKL-3)(May 11th)
  • The Diversity of Sino-Tibetan Negation Phenomena(May 11th)